Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and Ray-Ban designer goods all from VERY trustworthy eBay seller in Northamptonshire

Police auctioning off £3,300 worth of shoes, bags and shades after failing to find the rightful owners

By Kevin Nicholls
Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 11:38 am

A local eBay seller has £3,300-worth of designer goods up for grabs — and don't worry, they should be able to spot a dodgy knock-off when they see one.

Northamptonshire Police spent more than a year trying to find the rightful owners of shoes, a bag and sunglasses with hefty labels. So the items are now set to go to the highest bidder.

Pairs of Chanel trainers, Jimmy Choo shoes, Balenciaga sneakers and Fendi Roma sliders will all be going, going, gone sometime between tomorrow (Wednesday) and Sunday, together with a Louis Vuitton backpack and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Together, that lot would cost around £3,300 going through the tills. Currently, the top bids add up to a mere £378, plus p&p.

A spokesman for the Force said: “These items came into the possession of Northamptonshire Police and unfortunately, despite enquiries, the true owner cannot be ascertained.

"The Force is therefore disposing of the item in accordance with the Police (Property) Regulations 1997. These regulations allow the item to be sold after 12 months and the net proceeds from the sale to be paid into the Police Property Act Fund.

"The monies in the Fund are used to support local charities and community projects in Northamptonshire.”

Watches and jewellery seized from a notorious Northamptonshire crime family were auctioned off for nearly £30,000 last year.

On that occasion, Police used new legislation under the Proceeds of Crime Act to force James Devlin and his three sons to forfeit belongings when they were declared unable to pay back nearly £86,000 to cover costs of tools and goods stolen during a massive crime spree.

The sale included a diamond ring which netted £13,433, and two Rolex watches that sold for more than £10,000.

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