Jealous husband cut wife's throat and strangled her at East Northants farm

A jealous man tried to kill his estranged wife by strangling her, cutting her throat and stabbing her in the head.

Ionut Topsac, 35, travelled from his home in Staffordshire to a farm in rural Lutton, five miles east of Oundle, in the early hours of September 7 last year.

Ionut Topsac

Ionut Topsac

There he crept into his estranged wife's caravan and began to strangle her as she slept, before inflicting a six-inch wound to her throat and stabbing her in the head and hands as she fought for her life.

She had earlier found the courage to end the relationship after she was the victim of domestic violence.

Topsac's actions saw him jailed for 20 years today.

After the attack Topsac fled and was arrested nearby three hours later, while his victim was rushed to hospital in Peterborough where she underwent hours of emergency surgery for her injuries, which have led to lasting physical and psychological effects.

Topsac admitted one count of attempted murder on what would have been the first day of his trial in May, and appeared at Northampton Crown Court for sentencing today (Friday).

The court heard that in the days before his attack Topsac sent a series of emails, texts and Facebook messages to his victim threatening her life, and afterwards while police searched for him he sent ‘gloating’ texts to people saying he had killed her.

Sentencing, judge Adrienne Lucking said: “Mrs Topsac had woken in her caravan, her home, as you were trying to suffocate her, strangling her with both hands around her neck.

“She began screaming and you produced a black-handled kitchen knife from your pocket which you’d picked up inside the caravan, knowing where it would be, and threatening her with it you said ‘did you think you were going to get away from me?’

“You caused her real psychological terror in the moments before you inflicted grave physical injuries on her, you slashed her throat once with the knife and then you ran away from the scene.”

Calling his attack a ‘pre-planned attempt to kill’, she jailed Topsac for 20 years, telling him he will serve two-thirds in custody before a parole board can consider him for release on licence.

He will then serve a further five years on extended licence.

Extended sentences are intended to protect the public from those judged to be dangerous sexual or violent offenders.

Investigating officer DS Mark Webb, of Kettering CID, said: “This was a horrifying case in which the victim very nearly lost her life at the hands of her jealous and violent ex-partner.

“Topsac had already committed numerous assaults on her and as a result of this domestic violence she found the courage to end the relationship, only for him to continue to threaten her online and ultimately make this attempt on her life.

“She only survived thanks to the quick thinking of the friends who came to her aid, and from evidence we recovered after the incident it became apparent that Topsac initially believed he had been successful in killing her.

“Tackling domestic abuse is a priority for Northamptonshire Police. This is often a hidden crime where victims feel trapped in a cycle of abuse in their own homes, but the police and our partners are here to help and support victims, as well as ensure those responsible are brought to justice.

“Today’s sentence reflects the severity of Topsac’s attack and I hope it goes some way to help the victim continue to move forward positively in her life.”