Jail term for burglars who stole festive gifts

TWO men who stole families’ Christmas presents days after the festive season have each been jailed for a year.

Shaun Martin and William Turner appeared at Northampton Crown Court yesterday for sentence after both admitted a charge of burglary.

The court heard two homes in Inham Close, Corby, were raided while their occupants were in bed in the early hours of January 4.

In the first, a wrapped box of chocolates, slippers, a wallet containing £20 and a Nokia mobile phone were taken after entry was gained through patio doors while the householder was asleep.

In the second home, the occupant’s girlfriend woke her partner to say she could hear noises.

The man then discovered three men downstairs who left after he shouted at them.

A PlayStation 3, a Samsung camera, CD cases and a mobile phone were found to be missing.

Another neighbour spotted four men standing in the street, one of whom was looking around at the houses, and called police.

Martin, 29, of Seaford Walk, Corby, was arrested nearby, and found in possession of the chocolates, slippers and wallet.

Turner, 21, of Highbrook, Corby, was discovered by police dogs with the PlayStation, camera and a CD case.

Maxine Krone, mitigating for both defendants, said: “Martin is 29 years of age and your honour may think it out of character for him, as it is for Turner. He had been out at a party and had been drinking.

“Your honour hears so often there are types of offences committed when people are heavily intoxicated.”

Referring to Turner, she added: “It was the drink and drugs he had taken over the course of the evening and he has little recollection of what happened.”

Martin also admitted possession of cannabis, for which he received no separate penalty.

Sentencing, Judge Richard Bray said: “Night-time burglaries cause untold anxiety and distress to the occupants.”