‘I just beg from the bottom of my heart for people to come forward’

Daughter Rita Groves
Daughter Rita Groves

The family of Charlie Varga were finally able to lay him to rest last week when they visited his home country, Hungary, to scatter his ashes.

His daughter Rita Groves said they made the trip to Sarospatak in accordance with Mr Varga’s final wishes.

She said: “He wanted to be scattered on his family’s plot in Hungary. Things had been so busy, we hadn’t managed to do it. But my brother, my mother and myself went to Sarospatak just over a week ago to carry out his final wish. It was where mum and dad both grew up. His mum and dad are buried there.

“It’s what he wanted so we were finally able to carry out his last wish. I was pleased to be able to do that for him. I finally feel like he’s at peace now.”

Mrs Groves described how much it would mean to her family if Mr Varga’s killer was caught. She said: “It would mean everything because we need justice and we want closure because at the moment we feel like we are not really living – we’re always wondering if the next phone call is going to be from the police with information.

“I want it for my dad. He was a lovely man and he did not deserve it. I don’t want them to do it to anyone else and for another family to have to go through this. They need to be caught and punished.

“The police have done such a wonderful job, but now we need help from the public more than ever for us to be able to move on with our lives.

“It has been a year-and-a-half, but it doesn’t feel any less painful, if anything it’s got worse because we just want it to be over so badly. I just beg from the bottom of my heart for people to come forward. If we could get closure in the future we could look forward rather than just looking back and wondering why. I know we have scattered his ashes but we need to be able to lay him to rest completely, move on with our lives and be able to look forward.”

Mrs Groves also re-appealed to the public for information to help solve her father’s murder. A £10,000 reward has been offered by the family for anyone who comes forward with information which leads to a successful conviction.

Speaking about the possibility that the murder weapon could have been disposed of locally, Mrs Groves said: “If anyone has found anything in their garden or hedge and thought, that’s handy I’ll keep that, just hand it in. If it isn’t the weapon they can have it back. It has got to be out there somewhere.

“It’s such a busy area, I can’t believe that no-one saw anything. Even if it’s just something tiny, anything that would help the police would be gratefully appreciated.

“I would be very keen for them to come forward and that’s why we put up the reward of £10,000.

“If anyone remembers anything at all from the day, please come forward. However unimportant people might think it is.

“He was a sociable person and he was always outside chatting to people.

“I am surprised that no-one has come forward with anything more because it’s such a busy area. It’s still busy at the back of the house. There are flats, so if anyone saw anything out of their flat window please come forward.”

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