Huge pile of cannabis from Kettering bingo grow house

The pile of cannabis will eventually be incinerated
The pile of cannabis will eventually be incinerated

A cannabis factory in a Kettering bingo house has been dismantled on the same day it was discovered.

There was so much cannabis that officers ran out of evidence bags and had to use a white forensic suit to bag up the last remnants of the illegal plants.

Dozens of police and fire officers as well as neighbourhood wardens were involved in yesterday’s huge operation that uncovered one of the area’s largest ever cannabis factories in Gala bingo in High Street.

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Officers who removed the cannabis created a huge 483-bags of cannabis which will now be meticulously recorded ahead of any potential prosecutions before being incinerated.

Posting a picture of the bags on social media, the Kettering Proactive Team thanked all their partners for their help during the operation.

It is the second time this year the iconic building has been used as a cannabis factory.