How to stay safe and protected from crime over Christmas, from Northamptonshire Police

Helpful tips for you and your loved ones

By Jack Duggan
Thursday, 24th December 2020, 9:31 am
Updated Thursday, 24th December 2020, 9:34 am

Northamptonshire Police and the Neighbourhood Watch Network are providing residents with information on how they can best stay safe and protected from crime over Christmas.

Use the checklist at to test your security and arm yourself with the best possible crime prevention advice to reduce your chances of being burgled.

Remember to keep front and back doors locked at all times and keep keys and valuables out of sight and reach from cat flaps, letterboxes, and downstairs doors and windows.

Northamptonshire Police

If you are out in the evening make sure you leave a light on and draw the curtains.

Fraud is something to watch out for too. This could be via email, text, phone or in person, either on the street or on your doorstep.

Some adults may be especially vulnerable to fraud and financial abuse. However, with a little knowledge you can protect yourself from fraudsters.

Make sure that when you are out and about too, you think about crime prevention. Plan ahead before you go out.

Know where you are going, how you’ll get there, and how you will get back. Let someone know where you’re going, and be prepared for a change of plan.

When you are out, always walk with confidence, and stick to well-lit, busy areas, using the route you know best.

To speak to Northamptonshire Police’s crime prevention team about darker nights crime prevention and staying safe over the Christmas and New Year period, email [email protected]