Hammer used to attack man

A young offender attacked a housemate with a hammer after accusing him of stealing more than £100 – only to find out he had the cash himself all along.

Niall Moore, 20, of Landseer Court, Corby, went into the “moment of madness” after he could not find the £120 cash he left in his jeans pocket in the shared bathroom on March 7.

He told the landlady, but when she came back with no clue about who allegedly took the money he accused one housemate and began planning his attack.

He put on a balacava and armed himself with a hammer and attacked his housemate in the accomodation corridor at about 4pm, landing several blows to his victim’s back and head.

Hearing the commotion, the landlady reappeared and Moore attempted to get away but was identified when the balacava was pulled off him.

He then returned to the house with friends to warn the landlady to keep her mouth shut – but she had already told police.

Moore later found the missing cash in his pocket.

Appearing at Northampton Crown Court on Tuesday, Moore was sentenced to six years in a Young Offenders’ Institution after admitting the attack.

Judge Lynn Tayton said: “You are very lucky that the victim was not seriously injured in this attack. However, the victim does suffer psychological problems because he finds it difficult to trust people and to live in peace where he is now living.”

Moore has four previous convictions including possessing a knuckle duster in 2008.

He was described by his barrister in mitigation as an immature 20-year-old who has poor thinking skills. The incident was described as “a moment of madness”

Moore will serve half of his sentence in the institution and half in licence. He had already spent 60 days in custody.