Group sentenced for brawl at McDonald’s, Raunds

Cameron Clarke & Shane Tye have been sentenced following the incident at McDonald's, Raunds
Cameron Clarke & Shane Tye have been sentenced following the incident at McDonald's, Raunds

A group of young people have been sentenced following an organised fight involving weapons at a fast-food restaurant which nearly killed one person.

The sentences for the group of six, including a 16-year-old boy, were handed out at Northampton Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday) following the violent incident at McDonald’s in Raunds on June 4, 2011.

McDonald's, Raunds

McDonald's, Raunds

Detective Inspector Ali Reynolds, who led the investigation, said: “The outcome of this case follows a lengthy and thorough investigation into violent disorder and assault involving a number of people.

“We welcome the verdict and sentencing in this case, in which four men, one boy and one woman have been found guilty of offences of violent disorder, affray and assault with grievous bodily harm.

“The sentences demonstrate the severity of the incident, in which one person was seriously injured.

“Reducing violent crime is a priority for Northamptonshire Police and we will continue to crack down on violent offending and protect our communities from harm.

“This case shows the potential dangers involved for anyone arranging to have a fight and taking weapons to that fight.

“People get hurt and in this case one person was nearly killed.

“I strongly advise anyone else considering planned violence to think seriously about the potential consequences of their actions.”

Inspector Ali Rae, sector commander for East Northamptonshire, added: “When it happened nearly two years ago, this incident caused a great deal of unrest within the local community, due to the nature of the attack, the ages of some of those involved and the severity of the injuries caused as a result.

“Many local people, both young and old, were shocked by the incident.

“Officers worked extremely hard with the community and local schools to provide reassurance around what was a complex investigation over a prolonged period of time.

“I am pleased this case has finally been brought to trial and justice has been served.

“It sends a strong message that violence will not be tolerated within our communities.”

The sentences are as follows:

- Cameron Clarke, 21, of Abbey Road Northampton, was given a three year and four month sentence for violent disorder and grievous bodily harm

- Shane Tye, 19, of Welland Close, Raunds, was given a one year and nine month sentence for violent disorder and possession of an offensive weapon

- Jordan Cotter, 20, of The Drive, Wellingborough, was given a one year sentence for violent disorder suspended for two years

- Bethany Caffel, 19, of Taylor Close, Wellingborough, was given an eight month sentence for affray and incitement to commit violent disorder suspended for two years, with unpaid work of 120 hours

- Issak Willmott-Gray, 19, of Grove Street, Raunds, was given an eight month suspended sentence for affray

- A 16-year-old boy from Wellingborough, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was given a one year rehabilitation order with supervision order for violent disorder and affray

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