GRAPHIC CONTENT: Swan attacked by dog in Northampton park dies

Dog owners have been urged to keep their pets under control after a swan savaged by a dog at Abington Park died.

Tuesday, 25th June 2019, 10:56 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th June 2019, 11:56 am
The injury received by the swan after it was attacked in Abington Park.

Northamptonshire's Animals in Need was called out to treat the swan on Thursday afternoon in one of the Northampton's most popular parks.

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Swan almost loses a leg after being attacked by 'out of control' dog in Abington...

In a statement issued by The Swan Sanctuary, it said: "Last week we received an emergency transfer patient from our friends at Animals in Need. A beautiful cob had been attacked by a dog which had caused massive and extensive injuries to his leg and side.

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The injury received by the swan after it was attacked in Abington Park.

"Despite our very best efforts with surgery and treatment he died this afternoon (June 24).

"His mate and cygnets remain on their home lake. "

The charity went on to urge dog owners to keep their pets on a lead to avoid this type of incident ever happening again.

"We urge every one not only to keep their dogs under control and on a lead near wildlife but to spare a thought for the female," they said.

The injured swan was treated by Animals In Need after being rescued at Abington Park.

"She now has to raise her babies alone until next spring. The number of dog attacks being dealt with by us and other rescue organisations is at a worrying level.

"Thanks to everyone for their concern for him and we are so sad it was not a happy outcome."