Get Tweety with graffiti

A screenshot of Op Illustration's Twitter page
A screenshot of Op Illustration's Twitter page

Tweety graffiti is helping police in the county home in on anti-social scribblers and scrawlers.

A Twitter blitz on Operation Illustration, Northamptonshire Police’s countywide campaign to reduce graffiti-related anti-social behaviour, has pointed police in the direction of graffiti hot spots.

And police say more and more members of the public are using their Twitter accounts to #NameThatTag and are sending in images to tell police about problem graffiti in their area.

PCSO Phil Wane, who leads Operation Illustration, said: “I am based in Wellingborough and since the start of the campaign our partnership with the Borough Council in the town has certainly strengthened.

“Offensive graffiti that is reported is being cleaned up within two or three days.

“And the use of social media, Twitter in particular, has been a real boost in tackling this problem.

“Quite a few members of the public have given us information via the website and Twitter which helps us target officers to problem areas and work much more smartly than before.

“Some people have asked us why the police are wasting their time on graffiti and say that we could be doing something better and we shouldn’t be wasting our money on it.

“My answer is that it is not a waste of time – addressing the problem of graffiti helps us deal with the anti-social behaviour, and often the criminality, associated with it.

“Our neighbourhood policing teams have a vested interest in improving the quality of life of the people they serve, and graffiti weighs very heavily in helping to bring an area down.

“And no money is wasted on this, graffiti spotting and recording form part of our normal patrols. In the long run it is saving people money by quickly dealing with issues as soon as they crop up.”

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