Family still no closer to justice for Daniel

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Three years on from his death the family of Daniel Riviere are no closer to seeing justice for the 21-year-old, who died after being stabbed in the back.

He was stabbed during a scuffle with James Demaio in the living room of Mr Demaio’s home in Union Street, Kettering.

As the pair grappled with each other, another person stabbed Mr Riviere in the back with a knife from the kitchen. It punctured one of his lungs and his heart.

An inquest into his death at Kettering Magistrates Court yesterday heard conflicting accounts of the incident and of the identity of the person who carried out the stabbing.

No-one has ever been prosecuted over the incident, which happened on February 16, 2009.

In a statement read to the inquest Mr Riviere’s mother Connie Stone said she was angry no-one had ever been brought to justice.

Mrs Stone said: “I think that more could have been done by both the police and Crown Prosecution Service in bringing the offenders to justice.

“We were told from the beginning of the investigation that the focus was around a murder, where our expectations were raised.”

The inquest heard Terry Reid, who was in the house when Mr Riviere went in, had bragged on several occasions that he was the one who stabbed him, even taking the microphone of a karaoke machine at a party to talk about being responsible.

But at the inquest, which he attended after a warrant was issued when he did not initially show up, Mr Reid said he had seen Kieran Nolan – who he had gone to the house with – stick the knife into Mr Riviere’s back.

In her evidence Mr Demaio’s then-girlfriend Katie Nolan, who is Kieran’s sister, said Mr Riviere had gone into the house and approached Mr Demaio, asking: “Where’s your man, who’s your man?”

She said when Mr Demaio said he did not understand Mr Riviere grabbed him and a scuffle started.

She said Mr Riviere had been swinging a machete which belonged to Mr Demaio at him.

In the scuffle Mr Demaio suffered a gash on his head and afterwards his thumb was “hanging off”.

But Mr Riviere’s cousin Craig Bright told the court Mr Riviere had knocked on the door, having gone there to buy cannabis, and was pulled into the house. Mr Bright said he heard screaming so kicked the door in to get into the house. He said inside he saw Mr Riviere laying on the floor and told him to run.

Coroner Anne Pember said Mr Riviere’s family had wanted her to record a verdict of unlawful killing but she felt unable to do this because of his “assaultative behaviour”.

She recorded a narrative verdict that Mr Riviere had got involved in an altercation with another and assaulted him with a weapon.

She said: “He was then set upon by a third person and received a fatal stab wound.”

Detective Sergeant Nick Gray from Northamptonshire Police said the case remained open.