Police discovered crack cocaine and heroin hidden in drug dealer Blyde’s mouth after a stop and search in Earl Street Northampton. The 37-year-old of High Street, Upton, had 47 previous convictions for a total of 160 offences — including assault and theft — dating back to a few days after his 13th birthday. He was jailed for three years, ten weeks for possession with intent to supply and supplying cannabis

Faces of 11 Northamptonshire child sex offenders, traffickers, drug dealers and a dangerous driver jailed during June 2022

Police mugshots show a few of those put behind bars by courts

Tuesday, 5th July 2022, 9:11 am

Summer won’t be the same for these ten men and one woman jailed during June. They include a 74-year-old paedophile sentenced for crimes more than 30 years old — and two sex offenders snared by online decoys…

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