Ex-Rushden man tells of Newtown shooting horror

A football coach who lives in the American town where 26 people – including 20 children – were killed in a shooting on Friday, December 14, has said the community will be torn up by the events.

David Flook, 29, who coaches at the local football club, said he coached some children who went to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, where gunman Adam Lanza carried out the killings.

In a video posted on Youtube by Irish journalist Vinnie O’Dowd, Mr Flook, who is originally from Rushden, said: “I heard a lot of sirens so inquisitively I went outside to have a look. I assumed it was just a fire, because the fire station is up the road.

“Then I saw a lot of panicking parents running up the hill. One of them told me there had been a shooting. Suddenly the cameras turned up, the helicopters.

He added: “It became bedlam. The streets got shut off. It was just horrible.”