Drivers caught out in speeding trap

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MORE than a dozen drivers were caught out when police carried out checks at two speeding hotspots.

A total of 27 vehicles were checked and 13 endorsable fixed penalty notices for speeding were handed out when police observed drivers in Deeble Road and Gipsy Lane in Kettering on Wednesday.

Sgt Carl Wilson said: “The day proved to be extremely justified when a motorist was recorded travelling at a speed of 49mph in a 30mph zone, which owing to the recent weather conditions was exceptionally dangerous.

“The operation offered high visibility reassurance to the community and I am keen for officers to take part in similar pro-active days in the future.”

Officers from Kettering Safer Community Team, the Incident Response Team and the Special Constabulary joined forces for the checks.

Drivers have been warned repeatedly to use more caution when driving in the snow, slush and ice that has blanketed county roads for the past week.

Marilyn Wood, 73, of Gipsy Lane, said: “Sometimes during the day if the roads are empty people shoot along at more than 30mph.

“There isn’t a sign other than the one at the end.

“You notice it when you are trying to cross the road.”