Doctor hit while helping M1 crash victim

A RETIRED family doctor picked up his second award of the week for serving as force physician for 22 years and setting up a network of volunteer medics who help road crash victims.

Dr Peter Gordon, who worked at Redwell Medical Centre, Wellingborough, for 34 years, received the Chief Constable’s Commendation at the Police Awards on Thursday after collecting an MBE from Prince Charles on Tuesday.

The GP has been a forensic surgeon for 22 years, medical advisor to the force for 16 years and in 1976 set up a network of doctors who are available all day, every day to help ambulance crews.

Dr Gordon, of Wellingborough, said: “I’m honoured. It doesn’t come to civilians often and I’ve had a good week.

“I had an MBE from Prince Charles on Tuesday.”

Presenting his commendation, Chief Constable Adrian Lee described how Dr Gordon had been hit by a vehicle on the M1 as he tried to help a crash victim.

Dr Gordon was helping the man on the hard shoulder between Junction 15 and 14 southbound during bad weather before Christmas 2010 when a people carrier skidded from lane three and hit him.

He was knocked out and left with serious bruising.

Mr Lee said: “Despite this he reported for work the following week as usual.”

Dr Gordon is one of four doctors in the county who volunteer and is called out at any hour of day or night about three times a week, despite being close to retirement age.

“The network of medics, who pay for transport themselves, became part of the 15-doctor regional East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme when the East Midlands Ambulance Service was formed. The charity pays for the doctors’ equipment.

As force physician, Dr Gordon has seen the results of the most abhorrent actions of the county’s criminals over more than two decades.

He said: “It’s been an enormous spectrum of crimes.

“Some horrible things are done to people by very nasty people.”

But he stressed, as with his work helping road crash victims, he is always working as part of a team.

The heir to the throne presented Dr Gordon with his MBE at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

The GP said: “He asked a bit about my police work and about the accident work; how frequent and was it getting worse. He thanked me very much for being there, which was really very impressive.”

Mr Lee said: “Peter shows a huge commitment to the physical and mental well-being of officers and staff.

“He is an exceptional individual who has contributed his time and expertise over many years to both the force and to the ambulance service.”