Digger used in attempted cash point theft

A digger was used to try and steal a cash machine in Mawsley overnight
A digger was used to try and steal a cash machine in Mawsley overnight

Criminals used a digger in a botched attempt to steal a cash machine from outside a shop.

The attempted ram raid was at One Stop shop, in Barnwell Court, Mawsley, which has a cash machine in a wall at the rear of the store.

The gang is believed to have fled the scene empty-handed after being unable to smash through the wall to get at the machine.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said that the gang is thought to have arrived at the shop shortly after midnight on Wednesday, October 30.

He added: “A digger was driven into the front of the One Stop shop in Mawsley, in a bid to remove a cash machine.

“Three men are believed to have left the scene in a vehicle, leaving behind the digger, another vehicle and the cash machine.”

On Wednesday morning police had cordoned off the scene and were investigating the incident.

The small digger was still partly embedded in the wall of the shop and had caused minor damage to brickwork around the machine.

Mawsley resident Pete Vickers witnessed the aftermath of the ram raid.

He said: “There was some machinery embedded in the wall of the cash machine at the local shop and police were there with the area cordoned off.

“Mawsley is a very quiet village and something like this will come as a massive shock to everyone.”

Another resident said they had passed the scene between 1.30am and 2am on Wednesday morning and seen the abandoned digger stuck in the wall.

Witnesses are urged to phone Northamptonshire Police on 101.