Desborough man repeatedly exposed himself to pensioner

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A Desborough man befriended a pensioner at a bus stop before repeatedly visiting her house and exposing himself to her.

Judge Christopher Donnellan called Mark Brown, 49, of Station Road, ‘a pest’ and said the law did not allow him to give Brown a long enough prison sentence for his offences.

Instead, he slapped Brown with a stringent three-year community order, ordered him to undergo treatment for alcoholism and said he would have to live in premises run by an organisation called Bridge which helps people addicted to alcohol.

In addition he was ordered not to loiter in parks or near schools.

The court was told how Brown befriended his victim after they chatted at a bus stop in June this year.

Prosecutor Alex Bull said the victim was at home the next day when Brown unexpectedly turned up on her doorstep.

She added: “He walked into her house and asked for a cup of tea before walking into her front room and announcing that he was going to switch her television on to an adult channel.

“He started to feel her leg and asked if he could carry out a sex act.

“Later, the victim went into her kitchen and when she turned around, the defendant had his trousers round his knees and he was exposing himself to her.”

Brown eventually left the victim’s house, after asking if he could borrow £3 for cigarettes, but returned again the next day.

The victim let him into the house, only for Brown to grab her hand and kiss her on the cheek.

He also exposed himself to her again.

Defence barrister Andrew Howarth said Brown had fully admitted the offences and that they had been committed while he was drunk, as he was an alcoholic.

Judge Donnellan said Brown’s victim had made a statement to the court, in which she said the incident had left her ‘sad’.

He added: “It must have been frightening and embarrassing and she dealt with Brown, who was physically much larger than her, by attempting to distract him.”