Criticism of police delay after incident

A man is angry at the time it took police to contact him after he and his partner’s car had paint stripper poured on it.

The incident happened at 6.40am on Tuesday, August 21, and Matt Ekins was still waiting for an officer to contact him 12 hours later.

Mr Ekins, of Osborne Close, Oakley Vale, said: “I called the police at 6.40am when I discovered the damage and stayed off work to be around when an officer visited. I understand that the police have to prioritise and this isn’t a high priority incident, but I would have expected something by now. At the very least I need a crime number and a police officer’s number before the insurance company will process my claim.”

An officer visited Mr Ekins on Wednesday. A spokesman said: “We are sorry Mr Ekins was upset but we have to prioritise our calls. Anyone with any information can call us on 101.”