Crime rate falls again - but break-ins and robberies up in areas

County officers extending the long arm of the law
County officers extending the long arm of the law

The latest crime figures for the county have been revealed by police.

The figures show county crime went down marginally, by 0.3 per cent, between April and December last year compared with the same period in 2010.

The number of incidents being resolved also fell by 5.7 per cent.

Crime has been decreasing consistently in recent years but these latest figures could suggest that the police force’s attempts to reduce criminal activity are not working as well as they used to.

Northamptonshire Police refused to allow the Evening Telegraph to interview a senior officer.

Instead they provided a statement from territorial commander Gary Ashton, which read: “We always see local fluctuations in crime levels, the county has enjoyed several years of sustained crime reductions and we attribute this to a number of factors.

“Our continued focus on priority offenders sees proactive policing activity to secure swift arrests and imprisonment where appropriate.

“Through our Integrated Offender Management approach, we also work closely with the Probation Service and other partners to ensure that those previously involved in crime are supported in leading crime-free lives.

“At a Community Safety Partnership level we work hard to improve environmental factors that might play a part in crime and anti-social behaviour. Successes in parts of Rushden and Wellingborough are testimony to the effectiveness of this approach.

“Changes in the world economy can cause fluctuations in crime levels, with things like metal, wire and catalytic converter thefts occurring that impact the overall crime level figures.”

In Corby, house burglaries increased by 42 incidents or 29.4 per cent. In total crime fell by 2.2 per cent or 92 incidents but the resolution rate fell by 2.3 per cent, with 32 fewer crimes being solved compared with the same period in 2010.

Crime in Kettering fell by 2.3 per cent, with reductions in house burglaries and thefts from motor vehicles. The resolution rate has declined significantly, with 219 fewer incidents being solved.

East Northamptonshire saw the biggest decrease in crime, with the number of incidents down by 196 or 5.8 per cent. Particular reductions were in house burglaries, theft of motor vehicles and vehicle interference. The number of crimes being resolved increased by 14.3 per cent or 106 incidents.

In Wellingborough, crime was down 1.7 per cent – the smallest reduction in the north of the county. Robberies increased by 60.4 per cent, or 32 incidents, and crimes being solved fell by 8.4 per cent.