Corby thief known to security guard as '˜DVD man' must '˜buckle up' or get a court '˜season ticket' says judge

A prolific shoplifter who a security guard even recognised as 'DVD man' because of his frequent pilfering, was told to clean up his act in jail or end up with a crown court 'season ticket.'

Jamie Taylor had been given a suspended sentence for attending a shop with a set of Allen keys posed as a weapon at the start of October.

But despite the reprieve, days later on October 19, he and two other men attempted to steal alcohol from a Tesco in Corby.

The security guard there, who recognised him as “DVD man” from a previous shoplifting incident, spotted the three men removing security tags in the alcohol aisle.

Yesterday Northampton Crown Court heard how when the guard approached them, Taylor darted for the exit, pushing the security guard over in the process.

As a result, judge Rupert Mayo activated the 26-year-old’s suspended sentence, imposing an 18-month jail term on the man from Willow Brook Road, Corby.

You have a very bad record for violence and for burglaries,” the judge told him. “Unless you buckle down and make decisions while in custody you are going to be back here on a season ticket.”

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