Corby burglars take the biscuit

Tenant Michael Jeffery
Tenant Michael Jeffery

The sound of a window smashing alerted neighbours to a burglary in Corby.

Corby tenant Michael Jeffery was woken by police telling him that there had been a break-in at the house he was renting in Westwood Walk.

Michael Jeffery

Michael Jeffery

Mr Jeffery had been staying at his mother's house in the Old Village.

He said: "The police phoned me at 3.30am to say my house had been broken into and could I come along to identify my belongings.

"They had broken the security light, kicked open the garden gate, gone into the garden picked up a slab and smashed the back door.

"The key was on the side so then reached in and opened the door."

He added: "They took some cans of beer out of the fridge and took my packet of custard cream biscuits from the kitchen.

"They also took my tablet and my TV.

"My neighbours heard the glass smash and called the police who arrived quickly."

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: "The burglary took place between 2.20am and 3.45am today (Friday) in Westwood Walk when a neighbour noticed some suspicious activity.

"Police arrived very quickly and two suspects were arrested and remain in custody.

"Officers found various items discarded near the scene including an X-Box, TV and iPad, which belonged to the burglary victim."

A 41-year-old Corby man and a 28-year-old man of no fixed address have been arrested in connection with the incident.