Cheat hacked email account of mistress

A JEALOUS man sent his mistress graphic pictures and asked her to take part in sexual acts – while pretending to be an old schoolfriend.

James Smith, 41, of Counts Farm in Corby, hacked into the email account of the woman where he found she had made contact with an old friend from junior school.

He then set up a fake email account in the friend’s name and messaged her for several weeks before the victim reported the matter to police.

Over that time he pretended to catch up with her before arranging to meet-ups and asking her to take part in sexual acts as well as sending a graphic picture of his anatomy.

Officers arrested the innocent old school friend before discovering the ploy and tracing the email account to Smith’s wife’s computer.

At Northampton Crown Court yesterday Smith was jailed for eight months after pleading guilty to computer hacking and sending emails with indecent content.

In court his now estranged wife, watched as he was taken into custody.

Judge Richard Bray said: “This case is an example of the damage and distress the misuse of the internet can cause and how feeble the safeguards are.”