Cars seized in police operation

A vehicle is seized by police during an operation to target motorists driving illegally, on Oakley Road, Corby.
A vehicle is seized by police during an operation to target motorists driving illegally, on Oakley Road, Corby.
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Boy racers, anti-social drivers and motorists with no insurance were all targeted in a day-long crackdown in Corby.

Police set up a checkpoint in the Lidl car park in Oakley Road at 8am yesterday and had already seized two cars for having no insurance in little over half an hour.

They were also checking taxis for defects, clamping down on boy racers for items such as noisy exhausts, looking for drivers using mobile phones at the wheel and drivers not wearing seatbelts.

Over the day they carried out 208 vehicle checks and 22 taxi checks and four cars were seized for having no insurance.

The operation was spearheaded by incident response team officers PC Ian Rudkin and PC Alex Prentice alongside PCSOs and council licensing staff.

Three drivers were reported for driving otherwise in accordance with their licence, six fixed penalty tickets were handed out for bald tyres and two for using a mobile phone.

Numerous drivers were issued with warnings and vehicle defect rectification notices.

Checks continued on randomly-selected vehicles throughout the morning before the officers moved to Rockingham Road, near the Rockingham Triangle, until 4pm.

The locations were chosen as a result of community feedback.

PC Rudkin said: “We are using ANPR as well as random checks on vehicles, to make sure that are legal and safe to be on the road, and also to check for insurance.

“In the first 40 minutes we had already seized two cars for no insurance. They can be issued with a £200 fine and six points on their licence, as well as the £150 to £200 recovery cost. So it is cheaper for them to get an insurance policy.

“But it is not just about targeting motorists. It is about making sure vehicles are safe on the road. We are carrying packs with tips on winter driving and how to maintain vehicles.”

The operation was linked to the aims of Operation Guardian, the countywide operation tackling burglary, robbery and vehicle crime.

A separate operation which targeted illegal parking in Argyll Street, Montrose Street and Stuart Road took place last week, and saw eight parking tickets issued.

This was again as a result of issues raised by the community.