Car seized and two people fined £200 after driving from Slough to visit friends in Northamptonshire

To top it all off, the car was also uninsured

By Megan Hillery
Monday, 11th January 2021, 4:39 pm
Updated Monday, 11th January 2021, 4:40 pm

A car was seized and a covid ticket was issued last night (January 10) to two people after they travelled from Slough to visit friends in Northampton.

Officers came across an uninsured Audi in St Michael’s Road, Northampton at around 10pm last night.

Police, upon investigation, discovered that the driver and passenger had breached lockdown rules by travelling from Slough to visit their friends in Northampton.

The uninsured car was seized last night after the driver travelled from Slough to Northampton.

The driver’s car was subsequently seized and a £200 fine was issued to both people for breaking lockdown rules.

Special Inspector Kevin Freeman tweeted: “If you’re going to drive your car with no insurance make sure the reason isn’t because you're not following #COVID19 guidelines and travelling from slough to Northampton to visit friends.”

The third lockdown, announced by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson on January 4, means that the public must stay at home, stay local and not make any non-essential journeys.