Burglary warning during the warmer weather

Northants Police have issued a burglary warning for the warmer weather
Northants Police have issued a burglary warning for the warmer weather

Officers are reminding people not to leave an open invitation for burglars by leaving their homes insecure.

Traditionally July sees an increase in insecure burglaries due to people leaving their windows open or doors unlocked as a result of warmer weather and outdoor activities.

A reminder is being sent out with leaflets and posters to ensure people are taking basic safety measures to avoid becoming a victim.

Those looking to spend time away from their homes are reminded to ensure they do not leave their property vulnerable and take appropriate steps to make the home look occupied.

Crime prevention manager Laura Major said: “Many burglaries that we are called to are a result of unlocked doors and open windows. What we are asking is that residents help us keep them safe by following key basic crime prevention steps within the home.

“People must take care to keep their doors locked at all times, even when they are in the house, and to close windows in rooms that are not in use. A window left ajar can be levered open further wide enough to let in an offender.

“Opportunist criminals will try a door and if it is open, they will simply walk in and take what they can. You can make it far less likely that your own home will be burgled by keeping doors locked at all times.

“We will continue to have a focus on targeting those offenders that are committing these offences.

“The Northamptonshire Police website has dedicated pages of advice regarding home security, including an interactive ‘virtual’ village – I encourage people to take look.”