Burglary and violent crime down in north of Northamptonshire

The number of recorded burglaries has dropped in our area
The number of recorded burglaries has dropped in our area

Burglary and violent crime is on the decline in our area, according to statistics released by Northamptonshire Police.

The figures, obtained by the Telegraph using the Freedom of Information Act, show that while overall crime is on the decline, there are some areas where it is still on the rise, particularly possession and supply of drugs.

Recorded crime in Northamptonshire is down

Recorded crime in Northamptonshire is down

According to the statistics, which compare April to September this year with the same period last year, the detection of crimes like domestic burglary is also getting better.

The number of reported domestic burglaries fell from 121 in that period last year to 71 this year, in Kettering the number dropped from 232 to 202, in East Northamptonshire it fell from 116 to 91 and in Wellingborough there was a drop from 164 to 121.

The percentage of “resolved” burglaries in Corby was 16.9 per cent, 17.3 per cent in Kettering, only 7.7 per cent in East Northamptonshire and 11.6 per cent in Wellingborough.

All of those figures, apart from East Northamptonshire’s were higher than in the previous year.

The outcome of a resolved crime varies however.

It can mean that a caution has been issued by the police, a decision that the case cannot be taken any further or an offender being sentenced in court.

Deputy Chief Constable Martin Jelley said: “The reduction of crime so far this year is very encouraging and it is our officers and staff that have made this happen through their continued hard work and dedication.

“We have had a real focus on tackling burglary and vehicle crime and I’m pleased to see these types of crime starting to fall again.”

Offences of drug possession rose in Kettering and East Northamptonshire and fell slightly in Wellingborough and Corby, while offences of drug trafficking rose in Kettering and Corby and fell in the other areas.

Deputy Chief Con Jelley, talking about drug offences specifically, said: “Tackling drug-related crime is also a priority for the police and crime commissioner and our tactics are showing success.

“Although we’ve seen a rise in drugs offences in the first part of the year, this is not unexpected as we have been actively targeting those involved in drugs, whose activities cannot be allowed to blight our communities.

“We know there is a lot more work to do and a number of challenges ahead but we have had a successful six months and there is a lot of good work for us to build on.”

The figures for the county as a whole mirrored those in our area, with significant drops in reported violent crime, house burglaries and vehicle crime.

The total number of crimes recorded between April and September this year was 20,652 compared with 24,113 during the same period last year, representing an overall drop of about 14.4 per cent.