Burglaries rise as crime drops in Kettering

Burglaries have risen in Kettering, although overall crime has fallen
Burglaries have risen in Kettering, although overall crime has fallen

The number of burglaries in Kettering rose in the past year despite an overall drop in crime in the town and surrounding villages.

Figures released by the police show that there were 307 domestic burglaries between November 2012 and October this year compared to 288 in the previous year – a rise of about seven per cent.

However, the increase in burglaries was set against a backdrop of an overall fall in crime of about 11 per cent in Kettering town.

The number of burglaries “cleared up” – for example, where a criminal was charged or cautioned – was about 14 per cent in Kettering during the past year.

This means about one in seven burglaries committed in the town were cleared up.

More than a quarter of burglaries in non-domestic settings, such as businesses, were cleared up – 27 per cent in all. The overall level of cleared up crime in Kettering was 36 per cent.

Categories which saw a high level of cleared-up crime included drug offences, where there was a 91 per cent detection rate, theft and handling, which had a 44 per cent clearance rate, and deception and fraud, which had a 40 per cent clear-up rate.

Outside Kettering, crime fell by about 11 per cent in the Kettering Rural beat and fell by about 18 per cent in the A6 towns beat, which includes Desborough, Rothwell, Burton Latimer and Barton Seagrave.

In Kettering Rural, the number of burglaries reported in the past 12 months was exactly the same as in the previous year, at 123, while in the A6 towns beat the number dropped slightly from 27 to 21.