Bricks and stones thrown at ice gritting lorries

Gritter lorries and trucks going out from the county's Highways Agency in Brixworth.
Gritter lorries and trucks going out from the county's Highways Agency in Brixworth.

Ice gritting crews have had rocks and bricks thrown at their vehicles whilst trying to grit the county’s roads.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Highways said: “ Unfortunately, some of our drivers have had stones and bricks thrown at them.

“Our drivers are out two to three times day, trying to keep the county’s roads safe. Unfortunately, people have been getting impatient and started to throw things at the vehicles.

“We have also had people over-taking the vehicles, even though our gritters have been going at a decent speed - making it dangerous for everyone.

“We have 27 drivers on the county’s road, working around the clock and we just want people to respect that and be patient.”

The spokesman added that similar incidents happened last year, with snow balls containing stones thrown at the gritters and on some occasions damaging the vehicles.

The Spokesman continued: “When we have damage to a vehicle, like a broken window, it has to come off-road meaning delays to the work we are trying to do.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said had a brick had been thrown from a bridge in Kings Heath, Northampton, this morning

He said: “We can confirm that on Wednesday morning a brick was thrown from a bridge in the King’s Heath area of Northampton, hitting the windscreen of a gritting lorry.

“Fortunately no damage was caused but obviously it could have been a very serious incident.

“Our gritting crews do a fantastic job working round the clock to keep the county’s highways clear of snow and ice and it’s sickening to think that someone could do such a thing.”