Bogus police officers con their way into Wellingborough home

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Two bogus police officers tricked their way into the home of a Wellingborough man before taking his insurance and passport details.

The incident happened last Thursday, January 3, at a home in Queensway, Wellingborough.

Two men knocked at the man’s door claiming to be police officers.

Once inside, the men demanded information from the man, including his insurance and passport details, which he gave to them. They also requested a DNA sample which, after first refusing, the man consented to after signing a form.

Sergeant Simon Moreton said it is vital that people always ask for proof of identity when someone claiming to be a police officer knocks at your door.

He added: “These two men brazenly claimed to be police officers to gain access to this man’s home before persuading him to give them personal information as well as a sample of his DNA.

“They used aggressive and threatening behaviour to persuade the man to give them what they wanted which is totally unacceptable and has left the victim shaken.

“I want to reassure people that if a genuine police officer or police community support officer (PCSO) knocks at your door they will be perfectly happy for you check to see if they are who they say they are.

“Always ask to see official identification and if you are still unsure, phone 101 and ask our contact centre to confirm that they are genuine officers.”

Both offenders are described as white. The first was aged between 30 and 35, about 6ft 2in, of slim build, with fair hair, was clean shaven and had a local accent. He wore a white shirt, tie and black trousers as well as a plain high-visibility jacket.

The second was aged between 40 and 50, about 5ft 5in, of stocky build with dark coloured hair which was thinning on the top. He was wearing glasses, was clean shaven and also had a local accent. He was smartly dressed in a dark coloured suit with a shirt and tie and was carrying a number of cardboard folders.

Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to phone police on 101. Alternatively, phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.