Authorities considering action against Travellers on Kettering park

Travellers have moved onto the park.
Travellers have moved onto the park.

Action may be taken against Travellers who moved onto a Kettering park just hours after it re-opened.

The Meadow Road park has been fenced off for most of the summer as part of works to build a new play area at the top end and create a path linking it to Northfield Avenue.

Metal fencing was still there yesterday morning (Monday) but after it was removed five caravans drove through a break in the wooden boundary opposite the Morrisons petrol station before parking up last night.

A Northamptonshire County Council spokesman said: “The Countywide Traveller Unit and Northamptonshire Police are both aware and looking to see what action will be taken.”

Kettering Council has spent vast sums on renovating the play area and children are already enjoying the new equipment.

Last year they took drastic action to prevent Travellers moving onto two other sites by placing large rocks around their perimeter. They have been contacted for comment.

One Kettering woman, who did not want to be named, said: "I don't actually have an issue with travellers, if that is who are using the space, living on suitable sites but there are no services to this park so one wonders where and how the occupants plan to dispose of their human waste given that this is an area where children are likely to be playing during the school holidays."

She added: "It seems such a shame when the park has only just re-opened."