Appeal to find owner of Corby dog 'causing concern'

Police are investigating
Police are investigating

Police have launched an appeal to find the owner of a dog which left a woman fearing she would be bitten.

At about 10.05am on Wednesday, August 21, a woman was walking her dog in the park area off Carltonwood Close in Corby, when a sandy-coloured male Staffordshire bull terrier approached and tried to mount her dog.

When she picked up her pet to protect it, the Staffordshire bull terrier put its front paws around the woman’s right thigh.

A police spokesman said: "When she shook it off it then held onto her lower back, causing her to fear she would be bitten."

After the Staffordshire bull terrier lost its grip again the woman was able to get safely away with her pet by distracting the other dog with treats.

The incident was reported to police and the investigating officer wants to locate the offending dog’s owner in order to discuss issuing a voluntary control order.

Anyone with information about the dog and who owns it should call Northamptonshire Police on 101, regarding incident number 19000444531.