'Absolutely gutted': Gang of up to eight youths trash toilets at Northamptonshire country park forcing them to close

'When you come into work to find your facilities trashed like that it's disheartening'

By Jack Duggan
Tuesday, 8th December 2020, 5:03 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th December 2020, 5:06 pm

The women's public toilets at a Northamptonshire country park are closed for repairs after being trashed by a group of youths.

Cubicle doors were ripped off their hinges, noticeboards were pulled off the walls and debris was stuffed down the loos at Brixworth Country Park on Friday night (December 4).

Glass bottles were smashed and the soap dispensers were emptied leaving a lot of mess on the floor along with toilet paper, cigarettes and ash.

The mess left behind by vandals in the women's toilets at Brixworth Country Park

Senior ranger Debbie Samwell told the Chronicle & Echo: "I'm absolutely gutted. We do this job because we love the outdoors, we love parks and open spaces and the countryside.

"We want to provide a save for visitors to come and enjoy themselves and enjoy the things we enjoy every day.

"Then when you come in to work to find your facilities trashed like that it's disheartening, it's upsetting, it's all those things.

"But we can't just stand there and cry - we've got to pull our socks up and be pragmatic about it - then you get home and feel fed up."

Between seven and eight young people were seen on CCTV arriving the toilets with two moped-style motorcycles at around 6.40pm and left at about 9.10pm.

The group returned after 10pm but were unable to get back inside - they are also thought to have bought food and drink in Brixworth at around 7.10pm.

Ms Samwell, who repainted the toilets in May before the park reopened following the first coronavirus lockdown, believes it is down to boredom.

"It's difficult for us as no one can work out why - we could stand and scratch our heads trying to work out why anyone would do this - I think it's just boredom.

"I don't know if they're bored with their lot or trying to show off with their friends."

The men's and accessible toilets can be used by anyone while the ladies' is closed for repairs, which the team hopes will be back in use by Thursday.

Anyone with information about the vandalism should call police on 101, quoting reference 20000642669 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.