4,500 vehicles checked by police in Corby

Crash ''Hillmorton Road
Crash ''Hillmorton Road

Thousands of vehicles were checked by police as part of a day of action in Corby.

Officers carried out speed and other vehicle checks in Corby and Rockingham village yesterday (Wednesday) as part of the force’s efforts to make the county’s roads safer.

In total, 4,500 vehicles were scanned by automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).

The following offences were detected:

- Two vehicles were found to be associated with drug dealing

- One van was found to have been used for diesel theft

- Two cars were linked to a burglary

- One ticket was issued to the driver of a car in which the child passenger was not properly secured

- Two cars were seized for not having valid insurance

- One man was reported for driving without a valid licence

In Rockingham village, 15 cars were checked and two speeding tickets were issued.

The local community had identified speeding as a local priority for the team to focus on.

A police spokesman said: “Yesterday’s day of action can reassure the public that we are taking positive steps to tackle speeding and make our roads safer.

“Further operations are planned and motorists are being given a very clear message; only those who drive safely and lawfully are welcome on our roads.”