Crime up in Desborough, Rothwell, Burton Latimer and Barton Seagrave

Insp Richard Aistrop
Insp Richard Aistrop

Kettering’s top cop has said police have taken action after crime rose by up to a third in Burton Latimer, Desborough, Rothwell and Barton Seagrave.

Insp Richard Aistrop, sector commander for Kettering, has reassured residents after crime in the year up to May rose by 31 per cent in Burton Latimer, a tenth in Desborough and Barton Seagrave and five per cent in Rothwell compared to the previous year.

Insp Aistrop said: “We recognise that levels of overall crime in some of the towns in Kettering have seen an increase. We have acted promptly to ensure that this does not continue and the warrants we carried out this week across Kettering demonstrate our commitment to reducing crime and coming down hard on those that think they can get away with it.

“We arrested ten people on the high impact day on Wednesday which will send out a strong message that the police and the community will not tolerate crime.”

Thieves appeared to be active across the towns.

Theft or handling stolen goods rose by 58 per cent in Rothwell from 59 incidents to 93, 42 per cent in Burton Latimer from 53 incidents to 75 and 38 per cent in Desborough from 50 incidents to 69.

Theft from motor vehicles in Burton Latimer rose by 210 per cent from 10 to 31.

The number of cars stolen across the four towns went up by more than 50 per cent from 22 to 35.

However anti-social behaviour (ASB) was down almost a third in Desborough, Rothwell and Barton Seagrave and a quarter in Burton Latimer.

Insp Aistrop said: “Despite the increases in certain types of crime we have seen some positive results as well, in particular high reductions in anti-social behaviour. In Desborough there were significant reductions in robbery, theft from vehicles and violent offences. ASB fell by 30 per cent.

“In Rothwell, there were reductions in some burglary offences, criminal damage and fraud. ASB fell by 29 per cent.

“In Burton Latimer there were reductions in some burglary offences, fraud, robbery and sexual offences. ASB also fell by 26 per cent.

“In Barton there were reductions in burglary, robbery, theft and violent offences. ASB fell by a significant 36 per cent.

“We will continue to take action to reduce crime in Kettering.”