Crime is down in north of county

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A detailed profile of crime in the north of the county has been revealed with the release of figures for the past 12 months.

And despite the first rise in offences for eight years in the county, overall crime in Corby, Kettering and East Northamptonshire has dropped. The exception was Wellingborough where there was a rise in crimes from 5,679 in 2010-11 to 5,840 last year, an increase of 2.9 per cent.

The town also saw a big rise in robberies which increased from 73 to 117 last year, a 60.3 per cent rise.

The figures show violent crime is on the increase in all areas, and the police have just announced that a fighting fund of £500,000 has been set up by the county police authority to help tackle the problem.

In Corby where offences of violence increased from 1,178 to 1,346 last year – an additional 168 crimes – Insp Gary Williams said tough economic conditions could be a factor.

He said: “Times are difficult for people. There is unemployment and this can increase conflict in the home which, in my opinion, is a factor in the increase we are seeing in violent crime. It’s not the cause but it is a factor.”

Violent crimes in Kettering increased from 1,305 to 1,394, representing a 6.8 per cent rise, in East Northamptonshire from 729 to 758 last year, a four per cent increase, and in Wellingborough from 1,098 to 1,105.

In other areas, including drug crime, progress has been made by the force, despite the financial challenges of the past year. Chief constable Adrian Lee has pledged to build on the successes of Operation Guardian, the countywide crackdown on vehicle crime, burglary and robbery. He said: “Getting in the face of criminals has given the public confidence in us.”

Satisfaction with the police stands at 86.4 per cent and the force aims to increase the rate to 87 per cent.