Crime in East Northamptonshire is down

Latest figures for East Northamptonshire show crime is down 15.7 per cent in the first three months of the performance year.

Compared with the same period last year, there were 178 fewer crimes committed in East Northamptonshire in April, May and June.

The statistics also show there has been a large reduction in violence resulting in injury, which is down by 44 per cent, with 46 less crimes.

There have also been 40 fewer offences of violent crime in East Northamptonshire.

Sector commander Inspector Vaughan Clarke, said he was delighted to see a further reduction in crime in the district.

He said: “This is the first quarter of our performance year and we continue to see further reductions in crime.

“It should be borne in mind that last year we saw the lowest levels of crime ever recorded on the sector and I am delighted to see further improvements against those very good figures.”

This drop in crime comes on the back of the highest recorded level of public confidence in Northamptonshire Police.

Insp Clarke added: “When you look even further back, the improvements have been quite staggering. Modern crime recording standards were introduced in 2003, and in a typical week then, around 120 crimes were reported. This year we have averaged just 68 crimes per week - almost half the level it was just nine years ago.

“The vast majority of these are relatively minor incidents, such as criminal damage, shoplifting and common assault. “When you look at more serious crimes, such as burglary, the reductions are even greater with levels today being around a third of what they were then. In a typical week in East Northamptonshire in 2012, just one dwelling in every 12,000 is a victim of burglary. That is a very small figure.”