Crime falls in towns but burglary rises

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Crime in towns in the north and east of the county has dwindled in the past few months, but burglaries in
Kettering have increased.

Figures from April to June show that crime has fallen in East Northants, Corby, and Wellingborough, but incidents have gone up by 19 per cent in Kettering, compared to the same period in 2011.

Chief inspector Chris Hillery, sector commander for Corby and Kettering, admitted there is a problem with house burglaries this quarter, which have gone up by 117 per cent. There have been 115 burglaries this year compared to 53 in the same period in 2011.

He said: “We’ve got a bit of an issue with burglaries in Kettering, with buildings insecure because of the humid weather.

”We have had some quite significant arrests with the burglary offenders, but unfortunately other people seem to be taking their place.

“Kettering is off kilter with the rest of the county, and I’m not sure why. We have worked really hard to increase our intelligence and enforcement, and we’ve got a significant operation in place to combat it.”

Chief Insp Hillery revealed burglary rates had been reduced during the summer, and said the force is also trying to cut shoplifting.

The figures were released to the Telegraph following a Freedom of Information request.

East Northants saw a 17 per cent reduction in recorded crime.

Corby recorded a 10 per cent drop fall.

Wellingborough’s rates fell by two per cent, while the overall picture for our towns is that crime dropped by six per cent.

East Northamptonshire sector commander Vaughan Clarke said: “Last year we recorded the lowest levels of crime in the area and I’m delighted with this year’s figures.

“Last year, we had drawn up a list called catch and convict, focusing on gradually getting convictions for unique offenders – and we did for all 15 of them. We’re doing the same this year. If we keep on top of that small cohort we will see results.”