Crime commissioner unveils his budget

The Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds has unveiled his budget priorities for 2015-16.

He said he wants to increase levels of frontline PCs, continue to recruit more Specials and improve services to victims of child sexual exploitation.

The 2015-16 budget will continue to protect the 1,220 officers serving Northamptonshire while at the same time providing for an increase in the number of constables operating in frontline policing roles.

Mr Simmonds has also pledged to continue to recruit more Special constables. He said: “This budget will continue our investment in the biggest expansion of the Special Constabulary anywhere in the country as well as a further expansion of parish constables, delivering a dedicated policing presence in local communities.”

The 1.99 per cent rise in the precept – the amount of the council tax bill paid directly to fund policing – is equivalent to less than eight pence per week for a Band D household.

The increase will enable a major improvement in services for victims, including victims of child sexual exploitation and young people affected by domestic and sexual violence.