Crematorium plans move forward

COUNCILLORS have agreed to push ahead with plans to look into the idea of building and running a new crematorium in Wellingborough.

The council’s resources committee has agreed to approve plans to spend £5,000 on a feasibility study looking at the scheme.

The detailed study will look at everything from where the crematorium could be built to how it could be run, if it would offer value for money, how long it could take to complete and what would need to be in place before the construction could start.

The study is expected to take no more than three months to complete.

The results will then be presented to the council’s development committee at a meeting once the study has been completed.

At a meeting to discuss the proposals, Cllr Thomas Pursglove said: “Most people I speak to in the community say they would like to see this.

“I think this looks like something that could be a very good thing for the town going forward.”