Crematorium plan moves on

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WELLINGBOROUGH Council is set to spend £5,000 on a study to look at the idea of building and running a new crematorium.

The council’s resources committee will be asked to give the go-ahead for cash to be spent on a feasibility study looking at the plan at a meeting on Wednesday.

The detailed study will look at everything from where the crematorium could be built to how it could be run, if it would offer value for money, how long it could take to complete and what would need to be in place before the construction could start.

The study is expected to take no more than three months and its results will be presented to the council’s development committee.

Cllr Paul Bell, leader of the council and chairman of the resources committee, said: “We’ve done some initial research, spoken to funeral directors and members of the community, and the feedback we’re getting is that this is a service that people want.

“But there is obviously a lot to consider and put in place before we can start building a crematorium. Not only do we have to find a site and decide what facilities we can offer, we also have to look at equipment and technology, how we would staff and manage it, what the governance arrangements would be, and come up with long-term financial plans, including looking nearby competition, estimated death rates and so on.”

Cllr Bell said it was a “huge project” which the council wanted to make sure it got right.

He said: “We want to offer the very best service and work closely with funeral directors to provide something that is really beneficial to the community, which is why we need additional advice and guidance. We estimate the whole study, including consultant fees, would cost around £5,000. This will give us a clear plan of how we can progress.”