Crazy walk has raised £35,000 in donations

Crazy Hats walkers at Sunday's annual charity event
Crazy Hats walkers at Sunday's annual charity event

ABOUT £35,000 in donations has been raised so far by people who took part in the 10th annual Crazy Hats walk.

About 2,400 people turned out to take part in the big walk, which is the charity’s flagship event, in March.

Since then donations have been rolling in.

The charity is now encouraging walkers who haven’t handed in their sponsorship money yet to collect the cash and give it in to help the total edge towards the £55,000 raised in total last year.

Charity founder Glennis Hooper said Crazy Hats was looking to spend a lot of money on projects at local hospitals this year and needed to get all the walk cash in to help boost funds.

She said: “£35,000 is a huge amount of money and we thank everyone who has made such a brilliant effort, from two or three pounds to two or three hundred, the variety of sponsorship has been huge.

“We are really hoping if people are still collecting that they can get their money in soon.”

Miss Hooper said the charity had received good feedback on this year’s walk and was already starting to plan next year’s walk, which will take place on Sunday, March 24. As it is the 11th year the theme will be ‘Legs 11’.

She said: “It was a lovely walk this year, we have had some really excellent feedback from people.

“It’s the aftermath of it which is so heartwarming for us. People come in with their sponsorship and their own photos, they are so proud and we are so proud of them. It gives that impetus for us to get going for next year.

“We are pleased, £35,000 at the moment is good but we can do better.

“We want to say thank you to all the people who have made that big effort – £35,000 is a lot of money.”

Miss Hooper said people were welcome to drop in to the Crazy Hats office in Sanders Road on the Finedon Road industrial estate in Wellingborough to drop off their sponsorship money.

To contact Crazy Hats call 01933 442999.