Crazy Hats breaks £2m fundraising barrier for breast cancer care in Northamptonshire

Crazy Hats charity celebrate passing the �2m mark raised to fight cancer
Crazy Hats charity celebrate passing the �2m mark raised to fight cancer

The people of Northamptonshire have been thanked for helping raise £2m to improve breast cancer care in the county.

Since the Crazy Hats Breast Cancer Appeal was launched back in 2002, a vast array of fundraising events have led to thousands of pounds being raised to support and improve breast cancer treatment for patients at Kettering and Northampton general hospitals.

The aim is to create our dream of a breast cancer haven in Northamptonshire.

Glennis Hooper

What started as a one-off Crazy Hats Day for schools has really captured people’s imagination and the charity is now celebrating smashing the £2million mark.

Glennis Hooper, who founded the charity after being diagnosed with breast cancer, said: “The £2million is a credit to the county for their support and belief in what we are doing.

“It’s a huge amount of money and we are so chuffed and proud of everybody who has supported us, it’s a lovely feeling.”

While the charity started out as something very personal to Glennis, she feels that it’s success is down to people across the county who have joined her in her fight against breast cancer.

She said: “We are proud that it’s Northamptonshire, it’s a locally based charity and is here for people in the county.

“We are so proud that people have stuck by us.

“Breast cancer is not going to go away.”

As well as all the people who have held fundraisers, Glennis thanks her late mum Mamie, as well as her best friend Marilyn Clapham, who has recently undergone treatment for breast cancer, for being a rock to her along the way.

Businesses in the area have also played a huge part in the charity’s success, especially county-based Avon which has supported the charity for several years now.

Glennis said: “It is an absolute privilege to be able to announce that the community has raised £2million.

“We have raised the money for the hospitals and we want to continue that.

“But the aim is to create our dream of a breast cancer haven in Northamptonshire.

“The potential for what we can do is so huge.

“If we can create a haven for breast cancer in Northamptonshire, that is the most logical way forward for the charity to go.

“We don’t want the charity to stagnate.

“We have raised a lot of money but we can’t cater for the number of people coming through our doors so we must continue.

“There must be someone out there who can help us fulfil our dream and put Northamptonshire on the map for having a facility for this.”

The annual walk held at Wicksteed Park last month has taken them over the milestone, but Glennis firmly believes this is just the start of the next chapter for them.

Glennis said: “That £2m has enabled us to provide the hospitals with endless pieces of equipment and resources to really enhance breast cancer services, but our main aim now is to really concentrate on the support for patients.

“That is where I think the charity is heading now. We want to secure bigger and better facilities in the near future and we will do our utmost to work with the right people to take Crazy Hats into the 21st century and provide a facility that’s so desperately needed.”

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