Crackdown on underage drinking in Corby continues

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Since a crackdown on underage drinking was launched in Corby in July police officers have dealt with 40 young drinkers and seized six bottles of vodka, 83 litre bottles of cider and dozens of cans of lager.

Operation StaySafe is a joint initiative between the police, Corby Council and the fire service and it aims to reduce underage drinking and associated anti-social behaviour.

Inspector Vaughan Clarke, the sector commander for Corby, said: “We are targeting underage drinking because it tends to lead to anti-social behaviour, violence and harm to young people.”

When caught drinking, the youngsters have either been taken home to their parents or a letter has been sent home, with follow-up visits being made by police and the local council.

Insp Clarke said: “We are also taking a robust approach to adults who buy alcohol for anyone under the age of 18, with plain-clothed officers working in conjunction with CCTV to detect such offences, and a man has recently been fined £90 after he was caught buying alcohol for young people.

“We are also carrying out test-purchase operations at local off-licences to ensure they are complying with licencing legislation and we will look to revoke the licence of any premises found to be selling alcohol to under-18s.”