Court hears desperate 999 call from Rushden teen after mum lies stabbed

A judge ordered that a 999 call by a 14-year-old girl who feared her mum was dying from stab wounds be played in open court.

The harrowing call was made after Riza Guzelyurt had stabbed the girl’s mum - his ex-girlfriend - at least nine times in front of her and her 13-year-old brother as they left for school from their home in Coltsfoot Road, Rushden.

Before Guzelyurt was sentenced yesterday, Northampton Crown Court court heard a recording of the girl sobbing and begging the call handler to send help, saying: “There’s blood everywhere.

“He had a massive, massive knife.

“I can see her, she’s lying on the floor now.”

Judge Mayo said that the girl would have known full well that her mum’s life was in danger, but can be heard comforting her younger brother, telling him their mum wouldn’t die.

Judge Mayo said the girl had since suffered mental health problems after the severe trauma of that day.

He said: “They saw their mum hacked down by someone they had spent family time with.”

Judge Mayo summed up the case as he sentenced Guzelyurt, aged 30, describing how he harrassed and intimidated his ex-girlfriend as he believed -wrongly - she had aborted their baby, and tried to make her drop the charges.

On March 19, he stabbed her in the street nine times but caused a total of 11 wounds to her neck, chest, legs and arms as the blade went clean through her limbs when she tried to deflect the blows.

She was treated by neighbours before being airlifted to hospital in Coventry.

Police found the suspect in Jubilee Park in the town the same day.

Judge Mayo also imposed a restraining order until further notice, forbidding him to contact the victim, her two children and her former husband.