Couple have a cool idea

Richard and Ann Mitchell with Emma Derrick
Richard and Ann Mitchell with Emma Derrick
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A couple have added an ice-cream parlour to their popular cafe.

Richard and Ann Mitchell own Cafe Mitchell in the indoor market in Corby and with perfect timing opened an ice cream parlour at the cafe last Saturday (July 13) just as the weather turned hot.

Ann said: “We sell New Forest dairy ice cream after it was recommended to us by Ian, who makes our cakes. We tried some others but this was the most creamy. We opened on the day of the carnival and handed out free samples to people as the parade went past.”

The parlour sells seven flavours including vanilla pod, raspberry meringue and blueberry ripple, and in the winter it will switch to flavours more suitable for the colder weather such as apple crumble and butterscotch.

Ann said: “It’s an Amercian-style ice cream parlour and people can choose various toppings, or they can buy floats, iced smoothies or pancakes with ice cream. It’s proving very popular already.

“The cafe is the kind of place we would like to go to when we go out. That’s the standard we try to keep to.”

On Saturday (July 20) they will be handing out free samples at the entrance to the indoor market.

The cafe is open from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday.