Couple give guided walks through Brookfield Plantation in Corby

Chalky the white stag in Brookfield Plantation in Corby. Picture by Lee Forster
Chalky the white stag in Brookfield Plantation in Corby. Picture by Lee Forster

A Corby couple have been giving guided nature walks through an under-threat beauty spot.

Lee Forster and Corinna Milligan, who have a keen interest in nature and environmental issues, have visited Brookfield Plantation, a designated wildlife site on the outskirts of the town, for many years.

A planning application is currently before Corby Council to create a waste recycling plant on the site which the developers, Gretton Brook Estates, say could result in more than £100m of investment and create 800 jobs during construction and about 3,000 once it is operational.

The council had been due to make a decision on the plans in August but this was delayed when a revised package of information was submitted by the developers.

Lee has even managed to take photos of the rare white stag, and he named him Chalky.

Lee and Corinna take their children to Brookfield, and have seen a wide variety of wildlife including Chalky and his herd, great crested newts, dragonflies, bees, red kite and numerous other birds, including a peregrine falcon with three chicks that feed in the woodland.

Lee said: “Corinna and I love the trees and all the nature at Brookfield.

“We started the walks to share the natural beauty of this place with everyone, and to show people that this area needs saving.

“We couldn’t believe it when we heard that there were plans to destroy it and replace it with waste plants – we have serious concerns about the environmental consequences of losing one of the last areas of woodland in Corby.

“We are doing our bit to spread the message and to try to save this important area.”

Corinna added: “It’s so important to save the trees and to leave this area as it is for the varied wildlife that lives at Brookfield.

“We need to think of our children’s futures – they need green spaces and clean air to breathe.

“Corby deserves so much better than to have a load of waste plants.”

The couple, who have lived and worked in Corby all their lives, plan to continue their walks at the weekends throughout the year.

To find out more details and to see photos from their walks visit the Corby Against Waste Plant.