County’s role in Great War explored by town author

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A Kettering author has published his latest historical book, which tells of Northamptonshire’s role in the First World War.

Kevin Turton has published 12 books covering history and true-crime and Northampton in the Great War is his latest.

He said: “When war was declared in August 1914, Northampton was swept by a wave of patriotism.

“Men clamoured to join the ranks and fight in a war they believed would be short lived.

“They believed it was to be a glorious war and thousands, eager to be a part of it, queued outside the recruitment stations to enlist.

“As that excitement subsided and the town settled into life at war, what really happened in Northampton? How did people react? What did they do and how did it affect their lives?”

The book covers a number of events, including the county’s role in helping Belgian refugees who were fleeing the German invasion, fundraising events for troops and hospitals and the county’s essential role in making hundreds of thousands of boots for soldiers.

The book is available to buy from the publishers, Pen and Sword Books, online at and costs £12.99.