County’s growing dementia issue discussed at Kettering meeting

An important meeting to discuss support for people with dementia in Northamptonshire has taken place in Kettering.

Organisations from across the county attended the Alzheimer’s Society-organised event, including the Nene and Corby Clinical Commissioning Groups, Age UK and Northamptonshire County Council.

The Alzheimer’s Society says there are about 8,000 people in the county living with dementia, and that figure is rising.

Gary Burr from the Alzheimer’s Society said: “Dementia is a huge challenge with growing numbers of people with the condition.

“The conference was a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of the support Alzheimer’s Society provides, but it also allowed others to say what they think needs to be done. There were useful discussions about the importance of communication between different organisations and ideas of how the county can become more dementia friendly.”

Margaret and Colin Telfer from Corby attended the conference. Colin was diagnosed with dementia in 2005 while in his 50s and told delegates about his condition: “I used to work a very large machine and it had lots of buttons and a little computer.

“All of a sudden I came to the computer and didn’t know what it was, or how to use it - it was a total mystery.

“Fifteen minutes later I would come back and would know again. I realised that the times were getting longer – it was 20 minutes, then 25 minutes.

“Driving was getting worse as well. I would indicate after I turned a corner and coming up to roundabouts was bad. I ended up getting lost and I missed the M1 and the M6, so I stopped and found a Corby Chilled lorry and following it home.”

For information on support provided by Alzheimer’s Society phone 01832 736670.