County police launch dedicated cyber-crime unit

Northamptonshire Police is leading the way in how it deals with cyber crime, and today launched a new unit solely dedicated to dealing with online criminality.

The specialist Cyber Crime Unit will focus on protecting communities by strengthening defences against cyber crime and pursuing cyber criminals.

Northants Police have launched a new cyber crime unit

Northants Police have launched a new cyber crime unit

Assistant Chief Constable, Ivan Balhatchet said: “The investment in the new Cyber Crime Unit will enable Northamptonshire Police to effectively tackle cyber crime and provide the public more protection from those who exploit digital media to commit offences.”

Detective Inspector Steve Henderson is the force’s cyber crime lead. He said: “The new unit strengthens and brings together existing skills within the force and will enable us to respond dynamically to calls from the public around online criminality.

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Northamptonshire Police have published a few tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime:

1. Use a PIN or password. Never use the same one twice and don’t share it.

2. Keep anti-virus software up to date.

3. Check your privacy settings on social media.

4. Don’t open attachments from people you don’t know.

5. When shopping or banking online – always check for the padlock symbol and that the web address begins with ‘https://’

6. Don’t respond to emails asking to confirm your bank account details.

7. If the email looks too good to be true….it probably is.

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