County magician liked meeting his idol ... but not a lot!

Doug Maddy with Paul Daniels and the lovely Debbie McGee
Doug Maddy with Paul Daniels and the lovely Debbie McGee

Doug Maddy, a magician from Great Doddington, has been taking tips from one of his idols – famous television magician Paul Daniels.

Paul Daniels came to fame in 1979 in his TV show and went on to grace TV screens for 15 years – performing a series of magic tricks with the help of his assistant, and wife, Debbie McGee.

Mr Maddy met the TV star in his house after applying to take part in a seminar, where Daniels teaches and gives advice to up-and-coming artists.

The new star said that the whole experience was “surreal”.

He said: “It really was strange, surreal is the best way I can describe it.

“The first time I ever did magic was with a Paul Daniels magic set as a child, and now there I was learning from him in his living room.

”I suppose you can say I have come full-circle really.”

Mr Maddy is performing his new show – The Magic and the Madness – this weekend at the Moulton Theatre, Northampton on Saturday and Sunday, October 27 and 28.

The illusionist has promised to perform one of the tricks he learnt from the TV star, so don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

The show starts at 8PM and tickets, costing £10 each, can be bought from the magicians website